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For the last couple of years, I have been getting phone calls for someone named Amanda, and it drives me crazy. I am literally screaming in my head.

Some of the exchanges with callers.

No. 1 — This is constant.

“Amanda, I wanted to talk to you about your Medicaid.”

“Amanda doesn’t live here. Wrong phone number.”

“I’ll call back later.”


No. 2 — This is a recurring call.

“Amanda, I’m calling about your insurance…”

“You have the wrong phone number.”

“This is the number in the file…”

“I don’t care what it says, the wrong number.”

I hung…

The naivete of youth.

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It was my first semester back to college in twenty years. It was a creative writing class, something I loved and a good way for me to raise my GPA. I walked into a class full of shiny new faces. I plopped down at a desk in the back of the classroom. A young girl took a seat next to mine. I smiled at her as she sat down.

I was having trouble finding one of the required textbooks and I noticed she had a copy. I said, “I’ve been trying to find a copy of that book. Where did…

Riding in the car with Granny was always an adventure.

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Incident №1

One of my favorite memories as a kid was going to stay at my Granny’s house in Crockett during the summer. Every summer, I went to stay with her for a week. It was my “vacation” and I loved it. My cousins usually went as well. It was usually a long week for her and by the end of the week I know she was ready to see us go.

At Granny’s house, we didn’t do anything special, but one thing she always did was take us to Dairy Queen for a cheeseburger. One summer, we piled into…

Not a good look on me.

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First, let me start by saying I have pale skin. White, pale, pasty, whatever you want to call it. Pale. I was out of town at my mom’s house. It was a beautiful day outside, and I spent a little too much time in the sun. It was probably in the mid-’60s, so I took my book outside to read and sat in the sun. I was outside for about four hours, and I didn’t realize I was getting so much sun.

I was so wrong. I sensed something was amiss when I felt my skin tighten when I was…

Oh, good grief!!

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A couple of weeks ago, I was out running errands, I had some shorts I needed to return. It was an ordeal. As I walked up to the store, I realized I didn’t have my mask. I went back to the car to get my mask. When I walked into the store, I saw a kid stationed at the front with antibacterial gel and masks.

I found a pair of shorts to exchange, there would be a $10.00 price difference. The line was long, but I didn’t want to come back to the store. I assumed the cashier would just…

Not my dog.

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One evening, I walked outside to get the dogs to come in before it started raining. The sky was dark, and it started thundering and lighting. My dog came in right away. I couldn’t get my mom’s dog, Missy, to come inside. Missy liked to wander off and sniff everything.

I could see Missy sniffing around her favorite tree. I started yelling for her to come inside, “Missy! Missy!” She ignored me and wouldn’t come inside. I raised my voice, “Missy, get over here! Missy! MISSY!”

My mom came outside with an umbrella. She asked, “Where is she?” I pointed…

It’s call notes.

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One of the things my mom is famous for is leaving messages on my answering machine. Sometimes, when she was trying to get in touch with me, she would say, “Helloooo? Hellooo? Christi? Are you there?” Most of the time, I was sleeping, and I would pick up the phone to talk to her. This was before call notes were invented.

When call notes came along, the answering machine went into the trashcan. One day mom called, and it went to call notes. When I listened to my messages, she was on there saying, “Helloo? Christi? Hello? Christi.”

Later, she…

Don’t feel bad for me.

Photo Christian Brown on Unsplash

Are you married? Do you have children? It’s the dreaded question that I get asked all the time. It was mostly married women — strangers, co-workers, acquaintances, friends, family, and even people at church. I don’t understand why people think my marital status and having children is something that defines me. I don’t have children and most of the time it doesn’t bother me, and sometimes I felt downright relieved.

Case in point, one day I was at the grocery store and I was once again reminded that not having children may not be the worst thing. I walked into…

Look at the name tag.

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What’s In a Name?
Look at the nametag.

I was working retail for a large corporation. There was constant turnover, there were people constantly coming and going. It seemed like remembering people’s names was sort of a waste of time.

There was a young guy who had just started working as a cashier. I heard his name being called over the loudspeaker and he walked off to take his break. A few minutes later, I could hear his name being called over the loudspeaker. He must have been late coming back, they called for him several times. The manager said…

It should be 365 days of the year.

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

During the holiday season, there’s always more attention focused on the homeless population. The holidays and cold weather seem to bring people together and be more “giving”, by providing shelter and serving hot meals. Sadly, this isn’t the case all year round. The homeless are a faceless population — the ones left behind, the ones people ignore, and the outcasts.

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to volunteer with my church and work with the homeless population and people living in extreme poverty. The times that I did volunteer, I realized that serving food wasn’t nearly enough.

The church…

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